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Our Sanctuary Dogs

Sanctuary dogs are the dogs that will be with us for the duration of their life, this includes disabled and hospice dogs. Please consider donating to help us with their continued care.

Butters is a hospice boy who is about 12 years old. Due to his age he has some severe arthritis and ligament issues. The current foster home is amazing and is keeping him comfortable in the time he has left with us. He is deeply loved by his foster and enjoy splaying dress-up, as you can see!

Casper the friendly... Boxer. He's between 10 and 12 years old and is a medical hot mess. But does that change the way we feel about him? Never! We just dig in deeper and find little things to bring comfort to this happy boy! Casper has mast cell tumors, DM, and continuous UTI's. He doesn't let this deter his temperament though! You want to see a smile? Just look at Casper. He loves to sit outside, loves his toys now that he's figured out what to do with them. Casper is a hospice case and his foster family absolutely adores him and cherishes whatever time they may have left with him.

Diamond will remain in our care due to her disabilities. She suffers from limited mobility and paralysis in her back end, and continuous UTI's. Diamond uses a wheel chair cart and goes to hydro-therapy swims and gets laser and acupuncture treatments to try and stimulate her to use her back legs and build up her muscle. She is a happy and sweet girl and has the best foster family ever!

Great Lakes Boxer Rescue

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GLBR is a proud 501(c)3 charitable organization. Established in 2014