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So, you’re thinking about adopting a Boxer?

Here is what you need to know...

You’ve come to the right place! Our furry friends come to us in a variety of ways – the streets/strays, owner surrenders, with most of them coming from our local shelters.

Every animal brought in to the GLBR Family is given 100% from us to ensure they are healthy and happy. Like people, no two animals are the same. More often than not, when a new animal comes to us, it takes time to learn who they are, what they like (and who they like) and do not like.


We do our best to learn the animals personality, get them on the right path with good manners and basic obedience training, and nurture and love them so their little personalities can shine.


There is nothing quite like a happy, healthy, well behaved rescue pet!

Our adoption process includes:

  • Adoption Application

  • Mandatory Home check

  • Mandatory Sleep-Over Period

  • Adoption contract upon adoption finalization

  • Non-Negotiable adoption donation fee


What the adoption fee covers:

  • Current Medical Expenses - All GLBR animals are up-to-date on vaccinations including Rabies, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and flea control. In certain cases, some of our rescues require an extensive amount of medical treatment to get them healthy. We will spare no expense when it comes to the health and well being of our animals. Extensive medical costs will never be passed on to the adopting family; but, your adoption fee does help us recover some of the costs.


  • Supplies – Food, leash and collar, treats, blankets, toys, bathing/grooming products

  • Misc Expenses - In some cases, animals may need to be boarded or go in to a training program. Again, these costs will never be passed on to the adopting family, but a portion of your adoption fee will help us recover some of the cost.


Important. Please note that we do not ever adopt pets out as a surprise or gift for a friend or family member. If there are multiple adults in the home, we must know that everyone is on board with the adoption.

Important: Completing adoption application and home check does not guarantee placement of one of our rescued pets into your home. We reserve the right to deny an adoption at any time. Adoptions also do not work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

If there are other pets in the home, we require proper introduction of new pet in to the home with one of our rescue representatives.


We strongly adhere to the rule of 3's, which states that upon the first 3 days you must allow the new dog time to decompress and relax. No guests, no free-roaming with other animals, no trips, etc. Give the dog 3 days to get used to his/her surroundings gradually and in a calm environment. Between 4 days and 3 weeks is when you can start introducing your new dog to new things and other people/pets. At 3 weeks is when your new dog will start to feel comfortable in your home and begin relaxing back into their true personality! At the 3 month mark is when your new dog will begin to fully settle and understand that this is his/her home. They may start to push boundaries and challenge family members or other pets. Please be diligent and anticipate that for at least the first 3 months we expect that you will not do anything dramatic to alter the living situation for your new dog. This would include things like moving or adopting another animal. We want to set our dogs up for success and we are here to help! Even after adoption has been finalized we try to stay in touch and offer any support needed!

You will also agree to follow up visits, and we reserve the right to regain ownership of the adopted pet in the event the contract has been violated.


** We only adopt within the Great Lakes region**

Complete Adoption Application Below

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If you have completed the adoption application process and have had an approved home visit, please contact our adoption coordinator if any of our available dogs interest you. 
Filling out an application for a dog does not guarantee that you will be the chosen adopter as we may receive multiple applications for each dog. We also do not adopt female dogs into homes with other female dogs. 
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