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GLBR has implemented a program we refer to as "Foster-To-Adopt" and have had great success with this! Foster-To-Adopt is where you are willing to become a foster home first and have the intention to adopt later! 

Apply to Foster-To-Adopt!

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- The dog comes to you directly from one of our awesome foster homes!

- The dog comes to you directly from a shelter or an owner surrendering.

- The dog comes fully vetted!

- The dog may not be fully vetted, but we cover all vetting costs!

- We know the personality of the dog entirely!

- The dog has been assessed and we are confident it is ready to join a family!

- We cannot guarantee personality but do our best to try!

- You get to see the dog go from scared to flourishing family member!


When you foster through GLBR, you get access to an entire network of people who will help guide you through every step of your new dog's journey! We cover all medical costs, work with your vet or one of ours, have trainers and experienced fosters ready to assist, and offer 24/7 support! If we help set YOU up for success, then we set the dogs up for success!

Going the route of Foster-To-Adopt is generally faster than waiting for your perfect pup to become available for adoption. When you are willing to Foster-To-Adopt we do our best to find what you are specifically looking for and get you a dog that closely fits! Sometimes, the dogs need only a few vaccines. Other times, the dog may need more extensive care, we truly just go based off what you are comfortable with!

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